Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Community for Gamers.

Last week I blogged about the vision for Gamer’s Haven. Today I want to talk about 'community.' I need your help to share this message and help build a thriving gaming community here in the inland empire.

You can all look up the definition of community just as I did. Several points that stood out to me were: Community can encompass almost any group; Communities are often defined by location; and, We self-select into and out of communities of our choosing.

So, obviously, I’m going to talk about the community we are trying to build here at and around Gamer’s Haven. If you love games like my partner David and I do, you’ve chosen to be a member of the WORLD WIDE GAMER COMMUNITY (WWGC, which I’m going to trade mark thank you very much;-), which is great. I hope you are playing all the games you love. If not, let David and I know and we’ll find you some people to join you in the games you love. For example, do you want to play an AD&D 2e game on Wednesday mornings? Let's find you some people with similar interests as your to play with. If you are like most of us, you need a group that meets after work or on the weekends. Let the community know what game you want to play and we will help you and promote your game. Lets get people who love to play games together playing games, connecting with people, and making new friends.


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